Here, you will find all documentation related to MacaqueNet and the MacaqueNet database. All documentation is stored in the MacaqueNet database GitHub repository. Below you will find an overview of the documents that can be found in each of the folders.


The workflow shows an overview of the steps from data contribution to data requests.

Relational database

The MacaqueNet database is organised as a relational database. You can find an overview of the tables part of the database, and how they are linked in the relational database overview. The glossary has definitions for each variable in the database.

Terms of use

The terms of use document is designed to guide the use of data hosted at the MacaqueNet database. MacaqueNet data can be requested for academic, research, education, and other non-profit professional purposes. To facilitate data reuse whilst acknowledging data custody, the document includes a data user agreement and guidelines for attribution.

MacaqueNet collaborators

The MacaqueNet consortium affiliations lists MacaqueNet collaborators with their current affiliations. We do our best to keep the affiliations up to date, but recommend checking affiliations before publishing. The MacaqueNet collaborators map below shows where current MacaqueNet collaborators are located, as well as the geographical range of wild macaques.

Issues, ideas or requests?

Have you detected issues in any of our documents? Or do you have any requests for additional data or suggestions? Feel free to share these with us here (create new issue) or by emailing us.