The Database

The MacaqueNet database contains social behaviour data from 14 macaque species, provided by 92 researchers from 56 field sites and research centres around the world. This database will initially facilitate two research projects, but will be available for macaque researchers to design their own projects at a future date. With the permission of the collaborators, use of the database will be carried out under FAIR data principles, to make the data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable.

The data availability tool below allows you to browse through the MacaqueNet database to see what types of social data are available for each macaque species. Available data include matrices of grooming, aggression, body contact and proximity. There are currently 603 sociometric matrices in the MacaqueNet database, which are in the process of getting the permission to display the matrices in the search tool. You can search datasets for which we have gotten explicit permission to share metadata on the website using the tool below.

Would you like to use data within the MacaqueNet database in your next research project? Great! Go ahead and click the button below to complete a data request form and join the MacaqueNet community.

While the database currently contains behavioural data only, we are actively looking for other types of data including genomic, life history and ecological datasets, so we may allow MacaqueNet to grow to its full potential. If you believe that your data could be a great addition to the MacaqueNet database, or if you have a suggestion for the types of data we should include, please click the button below.